NavoLime Putty

About NavoLime Putty

Navo-lime putty is the result of careful combination of two of nature's best sustainable material available namely lime and clay. The manufacturing of Navo lime putty does not involve the use of white cement thereby keeping the carbon dioxide emission associated with it to a very minimal level.

Navolime Putty Application

NavoLime Putty in generally applied in two layers

  • Surface Preparation: Before starting the application of Lime putty, ensure that the surface is wet thoroughly. This process is often referred to as Pre-Wetting. It ensures higher bonds strength, easy workability and higher coverage of the surface.
  • Dilution Ratio: About 450 ml of Water for 1KG Lime Putty
  • First Coat Application: After the pre-wetting, apply the first coat of thoroughly mixed NavoLime Putty on the moistened wall surface from bottom to upward direction uniformly with the aid of putty blade. This would ensure minimum wastage and proper finish. After the first coat of Lime Putty is dry, rub the surface gently with a wet sponge, a putty blade or a waterproof emery paper in order to remove loose particles.
  • Second Coat Application: Allow the surface to dry for at least three hours and then apply the secondcoat of NavoLime Putty. After the second coat, leave the surface to dry completely.

We recommend not to rub the surface coated with NavoLime Putty harshly with the rough emery paper as it will effects its properties.


Touch to Dry Time
8-10 Hours
Compressive Strength
7-8 Mpa @ 28Days
Fresh Mortar Density
1750 KG/M3
clock (1)
Full Dry Time
24 Hours
250 Sq.ft in 2 coats @ 1mm
Thickness Per 25 kg Bag

Range of Colors

Also available range of colours as per client request