NavoLime Plaster

About NavoLime Plaster

Navo lime plast is the result of our quest in finding an alternative sustainable plastering material without the use of portland cement. It is manufactured using a rare combination of naturally occurring sustainable material like lime and clay along with other carefully processed additives. Apart from providing a strong plastering material navo lime plast also helps in making the surrounding air clean by absorbing carbon di oxide from it. Because of the absence of Portland cement in it Navo lime plast eliminates the need for any water curing thereby saving millions of litres of water otherwise used for curing.

Navolime Plaster Application

NavoLime Plast in generally applied in three Layers

The basecoat is applied in the range of 10-12 mm thickness and the topcoat layer is applied in the range of 3-5 mm thickness, the finish coat is applied in the range of 0.5-1.0 mm.

  • For Basecoat & Topcoat Application: Mix about 7-7.5 liters of water for 25 kg bag of Navolime plast and mix it thoroughly using a drill mixer preferably. It is recommended to protect freshly plastered surface for a period of 8 hours immediately after application to prevent the cracking. The surface to which the Navolime plast will be applied should be free from loose particles and must be clean. It is advisable to dampen the surface before plastering to avoid rapid loss of water from the plaster.
  • For Finishcoat Application: Use about 12-12.5 liters of water for 25 kg of finish coat material. Then mix for 3-4 minutes using the paddle mixer. Now the mixture can be applied and note that the thickness should be limited to 1 mm.


Touch to Dry Time
8-10 Hours
Compressive Strength
10 Mpa @ 28Days
Fresh Mortar Density
2200 KG/M3
clock (1)
Full Dry Time
24 Hours
12 sqft @ 14mm Thickness Per 25 Kg Bag

Range of Colors

Also available range of colours as per client request